The epic boss fight against the Burner in Parasite Eve 2 [Boss Battle]

Parasite Eve saga is still the best conjunction between survival-horror and Japanese RPG. The second chapter was not very well accepted at the release, offering a more “action” gameplay than the original title, causing rage between hardcore fans. In my opinion, the critiques where quiet harsh and Parasite Eve 2 is a proper horror game with interesting and tactical role-play combat, lot deeper than many JRPGs.

Especially the enemies design and the bosses made a jump forward in term of design and proper battle, compared to the first chapter. Between many amazing battles, the most memorable boss fight is for sure against the huge Burner. The creature is a giant and lethal abomination, with a flamethrower in his mouth. Since for size and color he could be similar to an elephant, several official pages wrongly pointed out that he is the actual mutation of an elephant. With the help of a translator and the official Japanese guide, it came out that the Burner is an actual human with an abnormally mutated pineal gland, which allowed him to grow up uncontrolled. The flamethrower in his mouth was installed to help him to easily assimilate food by burning his preys, regarding of their size.


The Burner appeared in the plot suddenly and unexpectedly. After a difficult day, the protagonist of the game, Aya, will decide to take a relaxing shower. For the huge disappointment of the teenagers at the time, the relaxing evening of Aya would be ruined by the night arrival of the Burner. The colossal creature will attack suddenly and in plain night, directly after a cutscene. The players at the time were suddenly shocked: from heaven to hell in few seconds.

The battle was long and epic. The main scenario was the second floor of a motel, a high-ground that would help to hit the face of the titanic Boss. The weak point is easy: the head of the monster. However, the battle is everything except than easy. The Burner will use his long arms to smash and grab, and his able to kill the player with a couple of shots. These attacks are difficult to avoid, due to the long reach of the monster. Of course, the Burner will also use his iconic weapon: the flamethrower. Also in this case, the attack will cover a huge section of the battlefield. Only by running quickly, the player would have a chance to survive. Shot after shot, the Burner will start to go down slowly from his huge amount of HP.


However, the monster has a last secret trick. He will grab the player, lifting him from the ground. Before being smashed against the wall, probably dying, the player will have the possibility to shot the monster while in his hand. This is a risky but rewarding strategy, since every shot will deal more damage to the Burner.


The fight against the Burner is not only one of the toughest and most spectacular in Parasite Eve 2, but it is also crucial to decide the ending of the game. The battle has an internal timer of 3 minutes. The player needs to inflict a lot of damages to the monster before the hidden timer runs out, reducing his health to around 1/4. Failing to do so will cause the monster to escape, but killing a secondary character during the cutscene. This will locked-out the best ending of Parasite Eve 2. Only by fighting good and focusing on attacking, the player would be able to kill the Burner before the timer runs out.

Parasite Eve 2 is a great combination between RPG and survival-horror , with some great boss battles. The Burner is only one of the many great bosses in this incredible old gem. More information about the boss in the official wiki:


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