Discover the original stories of eerie and creepy characters that I created in Soul Calibur 6 [Characters, Diaries and Stories]

The power to create monsters and creatures born from your imagination is a powerful tool, especially if you are able to draw. There are also other ways to create monsters that convey a story, for example creating creepy and bizarre creatures with a complex background using character creation tools from different games. It is easier to achieve such a task in RPGs, as I previously made for Fallout 4 or Code Vein (The Bloody Captain of Diamond City: the story of a baseball superhero searching for the absolute fame – Fallout 4 [Characters, Diaries and Stories] and The dreamlike tale of Elaiza, an imprisoned soul able to travel between dreams and nightmares – Code Vein [Characters, Diaries and Stories]), where the complete freedom of the gameplay helps to shape dozens of possible stories. But other powerful tools can be also used to create interesting characters and monsters.

In the following article I created 10 creatures using the amazing character creator of Soul Calibur 6. Even if in this case the characters can only be created to fight each others, I used the tool trying to design characters that convey a story. Of course the character creator has its limits, so in some moments you should use a bit of imagination. For me this is a formative experiment, a meeting point between my passion for games and writing. Each character and story that I created here is completely original, built trying to create a connection between a creepy design and an interesting background.

The Herald of the Blind Horde


Do you know why crows start to eat dead bodies from their eyes? It is because those birds are messengers of the Blind Horde, in charge of sending souls to strengthen their ranks. A phenomenon that was especially true on the battlefield, the main feast for the crows and the Horde. Following the destruction brought by the Blind Horde in feudal Japan, after each main battle, it was common to burn the head of the corpses to avoid the spreading of the Horde. The Blind Horde is a savage and barbaric army composed of pale humanoid creatures, usually half-naked and wielding tribal weapons made of bones, appearing from the mist and slaughtering everything in its path. Each soldier is almost identical to the others, like clones, each of them missing proper eyes, but having instead a huge and grotesque eye opening where the mouth should be. After they have wiped-out another army, the Horde will also remove the eyes from all the dead bodies, so their spirits will join the Horde. According to other legends, this is not the only way to be a gear of the Horde. Some stories claim that a human being that spent 100 years in complete blindness will also join the Horde, but as a sort of high-class elite, keeping the intellect. In Japan, the common belief is that the Blind Horde is a unique hive-minded Yokai, where each monster is just a small part of something bigger.

Yanichi, Protector of Written Secrets


The guards were too busy talking about the new girl at the brothel to notice how the thief was using the roof to sneak inside the Holy Room. Sacred instruments and ancient forbidden knowledge were scattered around the room, centuries of treasure collected by the religious elite of the clan. But the thief had only one specific object in mind, a single tome containing the secret he was looking. He found the book easily and immediately opened it to search the correct spell. A freezing wind entered the room, accompanied by an acute female laugh. The thief was terrified because he understood while the guards were so lazy. The books were protected by Yanichi, and he was already a dead man. Yanichi is an ancient spirit protector of words, symbols, and knowledge. With the right ritual, Yanichi can be summoned and bound to scrolls or books, as a fierce and bloodthirsty guardian. If unwelcome eyes should read a protected text, Yanichi will appear in the physical world to punish the curious. Her favorite punishment is to pierce golden nails through the eyes of the unwelcome readers. So they will not search anymore for secrets.

The Gray Jester


A long time ago, in a mysterious and far land, a king was obsessed with his own laughing. The monarch was an extravagant one, full of bizarre beliefs and superstitious rituals. His late-life obsession became his own laughing. According to his views, each laugh was in reality part of his spirit flying away to feed an invisible demon. No matter how weird and insane his beliefs were, the castle was forced to agree with his rules. But the king didn’t want to spend all his life without laughing, for this reason, he contacted a famous alchemist to find a solution. The royal laugh will not be feeding anymore the mysterious demon. The alchemist had an easy and bizarre solution: building the marionette of the Gray Jester to be the recipient of the king’s volatile laughs. The Gray Jester was born as a sad and futile being, a puppet existing only to ease the obsessions of the king. But its purpose and functionality were not a mere placebo and, through a zipped opening in the abdomen, the Jester was collecting the laughs of the entire castle. But the more the laughs collected, the more the sadness that reclaimed that empty shell. Nobody would expect the blind fury waving inside the castle when the Jester got alive. It smashed everybody with a giant hammer, painting a giant smile on its face with the King’s blood. The alchemist truly created the demon that was before only an obsession in the king’s mind.

The Void Astronaut


There are not many astronauts of this kind. Far planets and remote galaxies were not their dream, nor a crucial part of their job. Void astronauts were trained and equipped to travel and explore a vast space of infinite nothingness. This empty and aseptic space could open everywhere. Sometimes it is the door or a wardrobe, other times inside an old and abandoned vehicle. Each time a new access is discovered, a void astronaut is sent to explore it. But one Void Astronaut discovered that the void space was not empty as expected, and he took contact with “something”. Whatever was the energy or the entity that caused the anomaly, he was never more the same. And never got home. Fused in his suit, the astronaut is wandering in the void, as both a flesh prison and a string-less puppet. Something is constantly trying to crawl out of his body. A white and empty face is slowly emerging from his flesh and suite, while hands and eyes are pressuring his body from the inside. Whatever thing he will become, and whatever power he will again, it is a terrifying mystery.

Summer Siren


Summer, sun, seaside, and eyes to look around in complete relaxation. Nothing better to ask for. But the unexpected can ruin everything in a second. It could start with a gorgeous girl in bikini standing on the edge of a rock. Then, the tragic fall inside the battling waters. In a matter of seconds, you could be jumping in the sea, swimming to the rescue of the mysterious stranger in distress. The waves are strong, and the girl is barely a shape submerged by water, but you try anyway your best to reach her, motivated both by the aim of saving a life and the mystique beauty of the mysterious stranger. When you finally reach her, swimming against the sea itself, you realise how many details are wrong. If her body is well-shaped and defined, her face is somehow off, like if it was blurred by some camera filter. The truth is hard to digest, her face is in fact only a shapeless and blurred mass of water. Strong arms block your escape, thick instruments covered in blue scales. When you try to fight your way out of the water, away from the deadly hug of that shapeless face, something starts to burn your skin. The yellow palms of the creature are not different from the biology of the deadliest jellyfish. The paralysing poison is already circulating in your body, when every biological machinery in your body starts to shut-down.

Auto Neko Slasher


Super Neko World was once considered one of the happiest places in the world. An amusement park built around the concept of the figure of the cat, expanded with the use of the best technological and robotic advancements that Japan had to offer. Not only crazy roller-coasters and huge-wheels but also parades everywhere, where silly and cute cat robots were performing. The protagonist of this story was a humanoid cat robot in charge of cutting grass and hedges inside the park, of course creating complex architectures based on cats. It was a true marvel that filled the eyes of children with pure joy. The technicians at the park were controlling its behavior using a camera in its chest, observing and judging the structures it created. As many dystopic stories about robots told us, at some point even the cutest robot could go rogue. There was not a proper explanation for that, just a random but critical malfunction. The scissors became its weapon, while the camera on its chest an instrument to show to the world all the nefarious murders it committed. Would you believe that the revolution started with a gardener cat-robot?

The Never-to-be Bride


Dying on your wedding day is not a destiny to wish even to your worse enemy. Sadly, such a nefarious fate can still happen. Dying on the wedding day also marks a huge scar on the soul, a burden of grudge and anger. The bride lost everything, not only her love, but also her beauty and humanity. The body and the skin, shaped by care and vanity, were now only white bones. Destroyed in every inch of her existence, the bride planned to recover what she lost. If a bride is staring too much on a mirror during the wedding day, it could summon the Never-to-be Bride. Not only she will strangle the living bride-to-be with a whip made with the twisted flower of the ghostly bouquet, but the spirit will take the place of the bride, including her dress. Of course, the future groom will realise of the skull under the veil at the moment of the kiss, breaking the summoning. But the ghostly bride will persist in her search for the lost love and beauty. She forged a golden mask using wedding rings of the murdered brides, a mask of a beautiful female face, a simulacrum of her lost humanity. Will somebody be so crazy to marry her now?



A creature born from the Gurgling Abyss, an amorphous place made of raw flesh. The female shape is only composed of dense layers of skin, a humanoid but terrifying being. Her body works as a grotesque magnet for skin material, sucking away layers of cells from screaming humans. Her mere presence at some meters away and the skin of living organisms will flow to join her body in a sort of grotesque river of dense tissue. Of course, few people could survive this horrible and painful effect. The motives and the behavior of this creature are a mystery, but the Gurgling Abyss generated also two other sisters, this time made only of blood and bones. Their effects on the human body are comparable to the one of their sister.

Bringer of the Purple Moon


When he saw for the first time the Purple Moon, he was astonished by its magnificent presence. It was an ecstatic moment that changed his life forever. He still can remember the radiating purple light coming from the sky, the scythe form, and the thin tentacles dancing from the gigantic figure. Under the purple light, he was blessed and reborn, washed away from his physical form. The words of the Purple Moon forever carved not only in his mind but also in his flesh. Wearing a scythe and the Purple Moon’s helm, he became the inquisitor of this alien and mysterious entity. No matter how many people he should burn in nights without moon, or how thick must be the purple smoke coming out from the screaming victims, the Bringer of the Purple Moon will find a way to summon again his forgotten god. When the sky will be engulfed by the purple smoke of thousands of sacrifices, the Purple Moon will be physically summoned again. Or at least this is what he wanted to believe.



Sculptures so lively to be mistaken for human beings, and selected to decorate the most majestic churches. That was a time of artistic wonders and marvelous minds. But there was something keeping even Michelangelo or Bernini awake at night, a too much real nightmare associated with creativity crisis. No matter how genius you can be, at some point, whichever sculptor will be staring at an amorphous mass of marble without any idea on how to free the statue from the stone. For how much it is difficult to believe, every sculptor knew that the more this creativity crisis continued, the higher the possibility of calling the attention of Abstract. The uncanny and cryptic entity can morph from any unfinished statue, shaping the stone into creating its body. The female body made of stone is covered in chains, while empty geometric figures are floating around its body and covering its face. Abstract is the material representation of creativity and sculpting, an ancient god of ideas made physical. But it is also an executioner, a sort of ancient boogeyman that terrorises sculptors that are unable to finish their creations. When Abstract finds its way into a statue, manifesting itself in the tangible realm, the fate of the involved sculptor is far from becoming a happy ending. Abstract will chain the body of the sculptor in an impossible and uncomfortable position, like a puppet made of flesh. The sculptor must finish the statue from this position, or his fate will be much worse than physical pain. His body will slowly turn into a statue, and the only way to prevent the process is by finishing a masterpiece. But this rarely happens. How many famous statues in the world are in reality the artist petrified by Abstract?

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