My Books and Products

In the following page I will list and promote books and other products that I created. This page will increase (hopefully!) with time. If you are a fan of horror books, monsters, surreal and creepy stories, you could be interested in my books. Also if you are a fan of my articles in the blog, and you want to support my work, buying one of my short stories is a really good way to do so.

Summary:  A prison engulfed in darkness is the only structure able to contain the nightmarish inmates lurking in its cells, from deranged psychopaths to more obscure beings. A guard is performing the night shift, glimpsing inside 40 cells, each of them revealing a story inside the story, a surreal mirror of a twisted mind. In this place, the urban horrors of a prison reach the uncanny, and nothing can be defined as normal anymore. This story is part of something bigger, something that craves to be born, something that is not only limited to this prison, something that will shake the reality itself. Because this is only a small part of the offspring of the Irrational Mother.

Cell N° 15: […] For me there were always only two sisters inside the cell, but other guards swore they saw three, while others even seven.

Eyes During the Night Shifts is an experimental story, both for structure and content. Part psychological thriller and part surreal horror, Eyes during the Night Shifts is composed of 40 small stories, which will change and evolve during the 3 night-shifts, for a total of 120 small stories or descriptions. In each shift, something will happen in the cells, while the story evolves from the perspective of a guard walking down the corridors and staring inside the cells. But in this prison, the stories connect each other, twisting and mixing in front of the guard’s eyes. Will you be able to discover the inner secrets of this prison?


  • The Funeral of a Toy and Other Forbidden Rituals (150 pages; 4.99$ kindle, 12$ paperback): CHECK ON AMAZON


The Faceless Herd, the Elite of the Flesh, the Sewing Sultan: these are only a part of the entities that we were able to summon. In this compendium of forbidden knowledge, we report the complex rituals that we collected. By reading and attempting these rituals, you can contact or gain access to beings not of this world. Of course, you need to be very cautious about it, because side effects and dangers are behind every step. How many times do you have to clang the scissors to summon the Silent Slasher? Are the glasses well prepared to see the door to the Land In-between? Would you pretend to be a member of the Wool Family? If you are ready for that, discover these answers in the Book of Forgotten Rituals… and more.

This book is inspired by urban legends and games, such as the Elevator Game, Bloody Mary, or Aka Manto. The book contains 20 stories described as rituals, illustrated with 20 disturbing images. Each story is a complex set of creepy rules and protocols, explaining how to succeed in contacting unknown entities. And how to avoid the extreme consequences of failing.

For example:

  • Stage the funeral of your favorite toy if you want a chance to see the Lake of Tears;
  • Bring raw meat at night to the Pack, hoping to gain its trust;
  • Walk down a mountain with a candle while ignoring the other visitors;
  • Hide in the confessional of a church during the night to escape from the Tall Nun.

These rituals are dangerous, and should be considered only as narrative. Or maybe we are wrong, and they are indeed part of a complex and forbidden knowledge.

A knowledge that you can now discover.