Fear & Hunger: the many ways to permanently sacrifice the Girl [Evil Quests]

Fear & Hunger is probably one of the most dark and disturbing RPGs ever made (check my review fir more details: Fear & Hunger Review: a journey in a land without morality for the darkest RPG ever made). The game lacks any morality, and every action falls in a gray or in a completely black zone. Between the many questionable actions and deeds, the fate reserved to “the Girl”, one of the most important and mysterious characters, is particularly disturbing.

The Girl is found imprisoned in a cage in the entrance of the dungeon. Unable to clearly speak and to explain anything, she can be anyway set free. She will then join the party following the main character around. She is practically useless in combat, and will die pretty easily. However, there is a secret behind the existence of the Girl, and only by bringing her to the very heart of the dungeon, it will be revealed. This is not an easy task, even because the game will try to trick the player several times into sacrificing the Girl. Because in the dark world of Fear & Hunger, sacrifices are a powerful currency. And the Girl is one of the most precious coins, so it is not a surprise that many entities will lurk for her soul.

Even without being tricked by a mysterious creature, the player can even simply decide to sacrifice the girl at any offering circle, common spots scattered around the dungeon. The magical circles allow the main character to gain trust with powerful and ancient Gods by performing different rituals. For example, sacrificing one of the party member is one of them. The Girl is the best sacrifice to increase your loyalty with the dark god, unlocking new spells and abilities. Of course the Girl will permanently die, after being sacrificed in a violent and cruel way. In a grim world where party members can be sacrificed to obtain new skills, the Girl could be sacrificed just few minutes after obtaining her, at the very beginning of the game. By doing this, for a cheap but immediate reward, the player will be locked out from one of the endings.

Being sacrificed to please an ancient god is not the worst fate reserved to the Girl. There are other far more grotesque creatures desiring to simply devour her. An example of this is the disturbing Human Hydra, a creature born from the fear and the despair of all the guards of the prison, which tried an horrible ritual to save themselves (you can read my extensive analysis about the Human Hydra character on Surreal and Creepy). The grotesque abomination is hungry, and of course he wants that the player bring him food. What food would eat this horrible creature? Of course the meat of a young girl. The player could think to offer the girl in sacrifice to this monster, hoping in who knows which powerful and rare reward. The Girl is useless in combat, and the Human Hydra looks like a giant and terrible being, so why not?

This time the sacrifice is even more disturbing than the previous one. The Girl will be swallowed by the grotesque mass. She will try to fight back, trying to escape from this suffocating mass, trying to swim out of his body. But the more she tries to escape, the more the creature will absorb her. Till she disappears in the body of the Human Hydra, accompanied by disgusting squishy sounds. The reward of the player for such evil deed? Simply nothing, since the Human Hydra is a dumb and useless being, regardless of his terrifying appearance. Never trust a character in the dark world of Fear & Hunger.


Talking about creepy and mysterious characters, the Pocketcat will surely be on top of the list. This creature, with the head of a cat, acts as merchant hidden inside the mines. He appears to be always extremely happy and full of life, often in a really disturbing and inappropriate way, especially since the world is now a place of evilness and madness. His shop offers really powerful and unique items, from ancient tomes, to powerful enchanted swords. But of course, the Pocketcat is not looking for gold. The only way to obtain one of his items is to offer him the Girl. Because he clearly says that he will accept only “children” as currency. The background of the mysterious Pocketcat can be discovered later by reading books or in specific flashbacks. He is an ancient and powerful being, acting as a sort of Boogeyman in the world of Fear & Hunger, predating on children and trying to kidnap them. At least, compared to the Human Hydra, this time the deal has a reward. The Girl will also not die, and she will not being gruesomely devoured in front of the player. But maybe her fate is even worse this time.

The Girl will appear for the rest of the game behind the Pocketcat. However, she will refuse to speak with the player anymore. Her eyes are full of sadness, highlighting that something truly bad happened to her. Her body is intact this time, but her mind is broken. As always, instead, the Pocketcat is super happy and full of life. According to his own words, he is really enjoying the deal. Whatever this is implying, it is something clearly not nice for the Girl.


There is one last entity that will ask the Girl in exchange for something. Hidden in the depth of a tomb, behind a complex puzzle, and existing only in another reality, the Lady of Moon will make her appearance from a pit full of green light. She is an ancient deity, appearing as a complex mix of female faces fused together in a jellyfish-like body.

The creature is not aggressive, even if she will talk to the player during a battle. The Lady posses powers beyond imagination, typical of an ancient being. However, she can be easily defeat in combat with one single slash. But she has a better deal to offer, of course in exchange of the Girl. She will completely heal the party, but she will also bring away the Girl forever, dragging her in another reality. In Fear & Hunger, this full heal is not a simple matter of regenerating HP, but it is the most unique and complete form of healing available. During the journey, the characters could permanently lose eyes, multiple limbs, or they could being injured with fractures. All these status effects are permanent, and the deal with the Lady of Moon is the only way in the game to heal them. It is not clear what will be the fate of the Girl after accepting this deal, since she will simply vanish with the mysterious Lady of Moon.


Fear & Hunger is a really dark and macabre RPG, which offers really interesting a questionable moral choices. Party characters, especially the Girl, can be used as bargain for really evil deals. But not always this is the best choice, because in this dark dungeon, the player cannot trust anyone.

Fallout Saga: wicked uses of the atomic power [Evil Quests]

The setting of Fallout is mature and dark. A post-apocalyptic wasteland where mutants, cannibals and horrible monsters freely roam. In a setting so complex and desperate, humanity is on the edge of morality. Several quests can be concluded in a really evil way, especially since the game allows complete freedom also in who to kill. Of course, in a nuclear wasteland, radiation and nuclear power are a big part of the moral equation. Few but memorable quests exploited the power of the atom, with a brutal and devastating result. Of course there will be light SPOILERS on some quests in Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

In Fallout 3, the wrong use of an unexploded atomic bomb will have a catastrophic result, which was never achieved again in videogame history. Megaton is a town build around an old atomic bomb. People almost worship the bomb, considering part of the town and of the religion. The huge bomb can easily  be disarmed, putting the town in safe. But a rich and powerful man has a different idea: to trig the bomb causing the annihilation of Megaton. After triggering the bomb, the player should travel to the tower were the rich man is living. There, the player will discover the truth behind this evil quest. A simple and so disturbing truth.

The horrible shape of Megaton is ruining the view from the balcony of the man. For this simple reason, he wants the town completely obliterated.

The player can now press the apocalyptic switch, causing one of the most massive nuclear explosion in a videogame. A beautiful but tragic bomb of light that will end the history of Megaton. The town will disappear from the map, leaving behind only a highly-radioactive dump. All the people living there, the shops, the quests and the items, are now gone forever. Few key characters will survive, but horribly mutated in ghouls. Destroying Megaton is considered the most evil act in Fallout 3, causing a massive drop in the Karma moral system of the game.

This is why the quest is called “The Atomic Power”.


In the sequel, Fallout New Vegas, during the main game the player cannot play with moral and atomic power. However, the situation drastically changes during the DLC Lonesome Road. At the very end of the main quest of the DLC, the player will have access to a nuclear silo, with two warheads still operative. The good way to conclude the quest is to stop the launch by disarming the weapons. But of course, there is another evil way of ending the quest, which is called “The Apocalypse”.

New Vegas is a game focused on siding with different factions, working on increasing the reputation with them. The two biggest factions are NCR and Legion, which of course are enemies between each other. Controlling the power of nuclear weapons, the player has in the hands the instrument to decide the fate of the world. Depending of which faction the player joined, he could decide to use the missiles on the other faction. This evil act will cause a massive drop in the reputation with that faction, very understandable since the player almost annihilate them.

If this choice is evil but quiet influenced by the system of factions in the game, the next hidden choices is plainly evil and anarchic. Since there are 2 nuclear weapons, both the factions can be destroyed at the same time. A very weird choice, but still possible. The nuclear explosions also in this case will change the environment, creating radioactive wastelands full of mutants, where before there were the headquarters of the two factions.


In Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor, the headquarter of a faction which reside inside a submarine can also be annihilated by launching one of its warhead on itself. This will cause a massive nuclear explosion that will completely destroy the submarine and the faction.

Apparently, even in the online-only Fallout 76, the players can access codes to launch nuclear weapons from specific silos to the CAMP of other players.

I don’t know if other chapters in the Fallout saga allowed the player to morally play with the nuclear power, but these ones are for sure the most massive and amoral ways to use atomic weapons. Not only this will kill dozen of characters, but will also change the environment and the world permanently.