Haunted Atlas: The Abandoned Amusement Park – Nier Automata


Amusement parks are usually places of joy and happiness. But in the post-apocalyptic world of Nier Automata, where humanity is practically absent from the planet, the amusement park becomes a place of melancholy and sorrow. Robots are scattered around the park in a sort of parody of a human parade, throwing colorful confetti and playing music all around. The robots here are not as aggressive as in other places, except for Simone, the creepy boss hiding in the opera house. Some attractions are still partially working, providing a melancholic shadow of past happiness. But there is also another explanation, quite hinted in the official World Guide, describing the amusement park as a possible place to test unconventional weapons. In this view, maybe the machines thought that confetti and fireworks were actual weapons, and they are trying to use them against the visitors, of course with no effects. Whichever theory you want to support, the pacifist or the warmonger one, is entirely up to you.

Places of Interest

The roller-coaster is one of the attractions still functional. The robots are maintaining it for some obscure reasons, while the other games are instead broken and abandoned. Maybe in their mindless imitation of the disappeared human happiness, the machines know that the roller-coaster is the symbol of the park, an old memento of a past era that needs to be maintained. For each ride of the roller-coaster, the robots also provide a spectacle of fireworks, built using old ammunition, according to the official World Guide.

The flat-ride is broken, standing like the rusted skeleton of an archaic age. In the past, it was probably a symbol for a faraway future, with retro spaceships and rockets used to build the attraction. However, now the spinning twists and the high-speed are a memory, and the structure lies paralysed in the middle of the park, broken and ignored. The only activities that the flat-ride now offers are some platformer sections for highly-agile androids, a vestigial usage for a forgotten instrument of joy.

The opera house is the heart of the park and the most cacophonous element in this melancholic symphony of past joy. The seats are occupied by the crucified androids’ bodies, a creepy and unsettling location, where the psychotic robot Simone pursues her twisted concept of beauty. Moreover, the basement of the opera house hides a peculiar secret: a room full of packed PC monitors, a place connected with one of the bizarre synthetic secondary characters.

Local Wildlife

Robots dressed as colorful clowns or jesters are mindlessly playing around, throwing confetti and playing to keep a sparkle of artificial life in this place of forgotten happiness. They are not aggressive, and rarely will defend even if attacked, creating a place of fake but respected peace. The robot clowns move around the park in colorful parades, a carnival of artificial joy. Attacking those machines will create strong guilt in the player, an illogical act without punishment or reward, except for the player’s conscience. A variant of deadly and disgusting zombie robot clowns will appear in the basement of the opera house only in a specific side-quest, a group of unique enemies that attack by vomiting green and caustic bile.

The synthetic wildlife in the park is quite variegated, including the giant golden bunny in the entrance. The creature looks and acts like a statue, but high-level characters, with patience and effort, will be available to damage the bunny, starting a tough but rewarding fight.

Talking about bosses, a tank full of robot clowns is the first boss in the area. Again, the machine is peaceful, shooting colorful confetti instead of explosive ammunition, a sort of parade grouped inside a tank. However, the robots didn’t forget how to use a tank and, if attacked, they will switch to live and dangerous ammunition. Sadly there is no way to avoid the fight: the tank must be attacked and destroyed to proceed in the game.

Simone is the name of the psychotic boss at the end of the park, probably the most iconic fight of Nier Automata. The gigantic machine imitating an opera singer has a dramatic background, something that sent it insane and obsessed with a twisted concept of beauty. The creature is partially dressing with the skinned bodies of the androids, like if they were fashion accessories. The psychotic and macabre boss is a huge cliffhanger, totally changing the peaceful and melancholic atmosphere of the Amusement Park into a more creepy experience.